New Crush Brands Headquarters

After many months of anticipation, stress and a million disasters thwarted, we are finally moved into our new office in North Dallas.

5232 Forest Lane, Suite #170, Dallas, Texas 75244


Crush Brands is settling in nicely. Our immediate neighbors to the right, who keep us looking young and beautiful, Enlighten, and to our left, Dr. David Feinstein’s medical practice – Diabetes and Endocrinology. Our CB owner and founder, Lauren Feinstein has found a nice synergistic groove between businesses owned by her father (Dr. David Feinstein) and sisters (Kari Ceitlin, owner of Enlighten and Abby Bates, a senior technician at Enlighten). It is truly a family affair!

The atmosphere is contagious; it is such a productive and calm inviting space.

To give credit where credit is due, Kari lead the charge of pushing us all to discontinue paying rent and create our own space. It is her fearless thought process that inspired the whole team to take this leap. Kari has always been unafraid of hard work and dreaming big. Kari is is a busy mom of 3 young boys and is wife to Jay Ceitlin, a highly respected and well know real estate juggernaut who is also a business owner at Shop Co’s – a multi-service retail real estate firm. #PowerCouple


Yes, Kari lead the charge, however, none of this would have been possible without Dr. David Feinstein. He is ranked on the global directory of “Who’s Who,” listed in “Best Doctors in Dallas” since 1992, a national speaker for some of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical companies, a national thought leader in Endocrinology, a clinical professor of internal medicine at Southwestern Medical School (since 1990), and on the advisory board of the American Diabetes Association. As a metabolic and hormone specialist, his practice lent itself perfectly to the inception of Enlighten which began as laser hair removal company for many “hormonally dysfunctional patients” and has since progressed multi fold, now offering hundreds of services. #LifeSaver


Enlighten is a professional medical spa that helps patients attain the most youthful and beautiful look possible. Boasting non-invasive youth seeking procedures like: Photofacials, Fraxel, Ultherapy, Botox, Voluma, Jevederm, Thermage, Clear & Brilliant, MicroDermal Infusion, Chemical Peels, and of course, laser hair removal.

One of the best perks of being smack in the middle of all of this, we will never get wrinkles or be in need of insulin.

Lauren Feinstein founded Crush Brands in 2010, before anyone even really knew what a social media manager was. With almost 6 years of experience, Lauren is considered to be a veteran in this new age industry. Crush Brands has grown to be as full service digital marketing company, primarily representing clients who are people of high public interest (athletes, celebrities, politicians) and luxury brands. Because of the nature of this business we do not disclose who our clients are, but we will say this, many are household names.


Come on by and check out our new space. We can help with your health, beauty, and digital marketing ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!