The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Content, Crush Brands Style


In Social media there are many expectations and understood rules, how can we set them all straight and maximize what we’re doing?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some guidelines so you could skip the common mistakes made on the daily?  The dos and don’ts of social media, once you know them, they are easy to navigate, but it usually takes personal experience or seeing the mistakes of others to fully understand what is acceptable and what’s not.  At Crush Brands, we want to help you avoid that step, giving you some sacred advice and our own set of rules.  Who knows, they might come in handy. =)

1.  Is your rap sheet clean?

Whatever you post will follow you and it sets the tone for how people see you and interact with you on your social media platforms.  DO keep a positive attitude and clean vocabulary.  Negativity only loses followers, it comes off as whiney.  Plus, who wants to listen to that?  DO downplay your personal views about politics, religion, and so on.  Unless it’s your industry, DON’T get heavy handed in personal topics.  Discussing your personal opinions to the extreme overwhelms your audience, limiting the outreach and impact you’re trying to achieve with your material.  It’s okay to share your opinion, but don’t go overboard.


2.  System overload!

Sharing is not always caring.  DON’T over share.  You can have great social media relationships without telling people all about your life.  DON’T talk only about yourself.  The me show has only one fan and it’s you, so DON’T lose followers because of limited and conceited content.  DON’T clog the feed with unnecessary or private conversations.  It falls under the over sharing category.  Save the private conversations for messages.  No one wants to get notifications about where you and so-and-so are meeting up if it doesn’t involve them.  DON’T post a million times a day.  You’re not in a raid, no need to bombard people.  Posting has its limits in a day.  1-3 original posts a day per social platform and unlimited feedback is a good rule of thumb.  Blowing up people’s feeds is the fastest way to lose friends or followers, no matter how awesome the content.  DON’T play the role of the social media needy girlfriend.  Asking your friends and followers to constantly repost your stuff or join your groups gets tiresome.  Every once in a while it’s okay to recruit your friends, but make sure it’s something of importance that your friends would find interesting or worth their time joining.  Along that note, DON’T tag your friends in unnecessary ways.  Unless your content has something to do with them personally, leave their name out of it.  Tagging them in random stuff is just as bad as asking them to repost or join your group.


3.  Trolling Dirty

Nobody likes a troll.  The only joy they bring is when you’ve banned them.  DON’T fall into the tricks of a troll.  Their number one satisfaction is getting under your skin, don’t give them the pleasure.  Ban them and move on, ignore their bait.  On the other side of things, DON’T be a troll yourself.  Social media is not the cyber version of Jerry Springer.   DON’T call people out on social media.  You look immature and dramatic, and it’s a sure way to lose your followers or friends.  DON’T be a salesmen troll either.  Do you like door-to-door salesmen?  Then why be one online?  Trying to push your products onto people through social media is just as obnoxious as regular spam.  It’s okay to use social media to market your products, but don’t harass your friends.


4.Where’s your compass pointing?

Having a sense of direction with your media is very important to all your social platforms.  DO have one major and constant purpose to your social media accounts.  It’s good to discuss different fields, but keep the emphasis on your industry. Having a focused direction enables you to have a consistent and strong following.


5.  How’s your balance?

Its all about give and take.  Make sure you’re sharing content worth viewing.  DO provide content that is fresh and exciting for your viewers to read.  DO use multimedia.  A page that lacks multimedia is like a monotone lecture, boring with no listeners.  Make sure your social media platforms provide content that hits across the board with multimedia.  Imagery and sounds can really nail a point and keep viewers interested.  Also, remember that interaction causes reaction.  DO comment or respond to comments.  It demonstrates your involvement and knowledge in your field, which gets followers and friends interested in what you know.  It also supports the true viral nature of social media in turning strangers into friends and friends into clients.




Sounds like a Job for Social Media


With social media shaping our daily lives in how we correspond and express ourselves, it’s no surprise that one of our mediums of expression, music, is being reshaped in the digital world of communication.  Social media takes out the middle man of music and brings the artist directly to their fans, as it helps artists get noticed while promoting their own music.  Take how Justin Bieber’s career was jumpstarted from social media, same with his protégé, Carly Rae Jepsen, who both were discovered off of YouTube.  As exciting as it is being discovered by record companies or other artists, this may be a thing of the past.  Record labels are losing their grip of control on the music industry for now it’s not about the best record deal, but rather what’s the best social media outlet to promote yourself.  Look at artist Macklemore who is completely independent of a record deal.  His music is topping charts without any help or promotion of music companies and he did this through social media.  As promising as YouTube is for music artists, nowadays, it’s not the only social platform that can launch an artist’s career or bring music to the public.  There’s a giant network of music sites or apps that bring their own unique spin to how we view and interact with music of all genres and ages through social media.


If you’re looking for a social network based only on music, Spotify, which boasts a gigantic library, is exactly what you want.  Logging into Spotify through Facebook accounts allows users to see what their friends are listening to, as well as allowing them to share common music interests.  The free version is perfect if you’re in the mood to search and create your own playlists, and is much like listening to the radio on your computer just with commercials.  The premium version takes this to another level allowing you to listen commercial free and download anytime anywhere even offline on any of your electronic devices.

Sound cloud

Consider this the Pinterest version of music platforms that prides itself on being the largest and best music collection provider out there for users and artists alike.  Soundcloud creates a social network that focuses on sharing hot music.  Search and discover underground music, amazing DJs, favorite and new artists, and sounds that go beyond music such as podcasts and comedy standup.  Another perk about this platform is that artists experience little limitations even with the free version in that they are allowed two hours of uploaded music and artists can link their other music platforms accounts on their profile.  Soundcloud makes it easy for users to upload music anywhere and its easy for users to maneuver the site, finding the music they truly love.


Personalized DJ mixes created by users for users, 8tracks finds playlists based off what the user is feeling or in the mood to listen to, while also offering users to browse artists and genres .  Instead of focusing on a favorite artist playlist, this platform finds playlists that fit the vibe users want to hear.  This platform is new and innovative giving control to users rather than artists, and with this control, 8tracks provides an infusion of genres perfect for mashups.



Much like Spotify, this social music service gives users a plethora of music to choose from, but  playlists are based on similar artists rather than personalized playlists created by artists and users.  One thing unique to Pandora is their new service, Pandora Premiers, which provides new features that causes this platform to not only stand apart from the other social music outlets, but also act as a leader in the social music industry.  Pandora Premiers offers full-length albums weeks before their release dates, giving listeners an opportunity to decide if they wish to purchase these albums upon arrival in stores.  It also is the only platform that offers users repeated listens of tracks in any order.


Shoppable Windows: The Future for the Ultimate Shopping Experience


Imagine if there was a way to take away shopping hassles such as long lines, searching for products, and cart traffic jams.  What sounds like a dream is actually a current reality.  A new trend popping up in big US cities, this may be the future for the ultimate shopper experience.  Whether it be shopping for groceries or looking for the perfect outfit, shoppable windows are here to stay with many benefits for shoppers and businesses.  Check out the perks of being a virtual window shopper.

1. What Businesses are Actually Offering

The sole purpose of a shoppable window is to bridge the gap between brick and mortar stores and online shopping, creating the best of both worlds.  The appearance of shoppable windows vary from store to store, ranging from kiosks to lit up billboards.  Through these virtual stores, the consumer is able to experience online shopping in a 3D setting at their convenience, ridding the shopper of any frustrating ordeals typical to in-store shopping.  With this new technology, shoppers are offered a better and more convenient environment to make purchases.


2. Hands Free Shopping in a Timely Manner

One major difference for shoppable windows is how the consumer receives the product.  Unlike a vending machine where you pay for it and get it right then and there, products are ordered then home delivered later in the day.   The benefit of home delivery is that it takes away the arduous chore of lugging around a full cart of groceries from store to home in a timely manner.  Depending on store policy, it’s even possible to receive merchandise within hours after purchase.  Take the Kate Spade shoppable window launched by ebay which has their products “shipped to the customer within an hour by courier” (  The combination of hands free shopping and timely delivery bridges the issues of waiting days for online store deliveries and the stress of carrying heavy products from in-store purchases.  It’s the perfect solution for consumers who want their products right away and wish to shop weightlessly.

3. For Those of Us Who Don’t Have Any Time

Shoppable windows have been creeping up in subways and city store fronts with reason.  The idea is to catch the already busy consumer during the rare free time that they do have, and what better time to catch them than when they missed the subway and have to wait twenty more minutes for the next one?  Take what online grocery company Peapod did with the Philadelphia transit system:  Peapod created a virtual storefront that consists “of photographs of grocery items plastered onto advertising boards on station platforms. Each of the product photos has an associated QR (Quick Response) code that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet,” you just have to have the app (The Sydney Morning Herald).  Shoppable windows are perfect for the busy consumer because with their rarely allotted downtime, they can shop quickly and efficiently without being weighed down by purchased goods, going on their way once the next subway car rolls around.


4. Shopping After Hours

What happens if a consumer is in the mood or need for some late night shopping?  Luckily shoppable windows run by themselves and can be accessed 24/7.  So even when shops are closed, like the Kate Spade store, consumers have access to purchasing the product and are able to get it sooner than they would if purchased online.  By using virtual storefronts, businesses are also able to offer more products, like 3D catalogs, and save on costs for space in stores and hiring workers.  This combination benefits both buyers and sellers because it means more products to chose from for consumers, and more products to sell for businesses.  Sounds like a win-win doesn’t it?

5. How to Bridge the Shopping Gap Even Further

Shoppable windows are an innovative trend that betters the shopping experience, but there are a few concerns for the consumer, especially in the fashion department.  Trying on clothes and finding the right fit has always been a digital shopper setback, but what if it doesn’t have to be.  Bloomingdales in New York uses a size machine, the Me-Ality, which finds the perfect fit so the consumer no longer has to try on clothes.  Though shoppable windows are just in its infancy, imagine a world where your webcam could virtually fit you in the comfort of your home, and best of all, the items arrive that day.  Let’s just say our bank accounts would be dwindling.  😉

Social Media’s Relationship Status: It’s Complicated.


The dating world is hard enough finding the right person, but in this day in age, we are thrown for another loop with social media.  There’s no rule book for how to handle relationships online, you just have to go with your gut, but what if your gut feeling is all wrong?  Here are a few tips and tricks for how to handle relationships through social media.  It might shock you what you didn’t think about.

1.  I met someone and we seem to have hit it off, we’ve exchanged numbers, but how do I approach talking to them via social media?

You don’t want to come off as a creepy stalker, but sometimes you need to get the ball rolling.  So how do you show someone you’re interested through the best social media outlet?  There’s a level system that we try to follow that helps with how we contact people through social media.  The lowest level is real time picture chatting apps such as Snapchat.  Why not send them a quick Snapchat of something you two would both find funny?   Just be careful  with what you send because people are able to screenshot those pics.  If you get a Snapchat back, keep this flirtation going, it will most likely lead to more.  Beginning to communicate through Snapchat opens doors to becoming Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram friends, which leads to the next level of social communication, Facebook chat.  If the one you’re interested in keeps chatting you back, you can jump to the next level, Facebook messages. Once you’ve messaged back and forth, you’re probably ready to jump to text messaging, if you aren’t doing that already.  At this level you should be flirting and able to initiate hanging out.  We tend to save the final level, phone calls, for a more personal relationship, for say dating.  Once you’re at that level, you should be on your way to something  that’s more than just a fling.  If on any of these levels it seems like you’re doing all the talking, chill out and play it cool, otherwise you’ll look like you’re coming on too strong and scare them off.

2.  But what if I don’t have their number?

It’s time to get creative.  You can actually skip the first two steps and go straight to Facebook messaging, for you don’t have to be Facebook friends to send messages.  This way you can reach out in a chill manner, like “hey, great seeing you the other day, I was going to ask to see if you wanted to get dinner sometime, but I didn’t have your number.”  And go from there.  The main point to stress is that you have to be cool and somewhat patient, but your waiting should pay off.

3.   Relationship Status: Is it okay to post about my romantic life?

Some critics believe you shouldn’t air your dirty laundry, and they might have a valid point.  When beginning a new relationship, it’s already complicated enough introducing your new boo to everyone, why add the digital world to that mix?  By keeping your Facebook relationship quiet, you avoid people interfering, unwanted judgment, crazy exes blowing up your phone, lectures from overprotective parents, and you keep nosy co-workers out of your personal life.  But on the other side, if you’re single and looking for a relationship, what better method is there than letting all your Facebook friends know you’re single and looking.

In terms of sharing actual details and status updates of your relationship, an article by says, “A new study by Abine shows that many people aren’t shy about posting information such as relationship status and sexual orientation.”  The Abine study found that out of 1000 U.S. adults, 53 percent said they post about their love lives on Facebook, compared with 37 percent who do so on other social media sites.  Of people who post about their love lives online, the most common thing to post about is relationship status (81%).

So the conclusion:  It is all about personal preference, but if you want to show some love, it’s totally acceptable to let the world know who your significant other is, but please, make sure it’s serious.


4. How do I share my relationship online without over sharing?

Like all other things with social media, moderation is key.  You don’t post a billion of pictures of your dog, the cutest thing that ever lived, on Facebook, so why would it be different with your significant other?  A few couple photos here and there, that’s perfectly okay, but no one cares about your daily couple selfie.  Also have some class.  No one wants to see you all over your boyfriend in public or online.  Your sloppy kiss photos are better left as private moments for you and your other half.  And you don’t need to regularly profess your love or give the digital community a play-by-play of your relationship.  Share some words of encouragement here and there, show a little affection, but you don’t need to get mushy all over your significant other’s profile or update us about how your love muffin found your ticklish spot… again.  All your social media friends see that, taking what should be a personal sentiment to something your whole social media network reads.   There’s a way to be fun and flirty through social media without over sharing.  If it’s something you wouldn’t read about another couple or wouldn’t like to see, then why post it yourself?  Sometimes less is more.

5. What happens when things go South?

Breaking up is hard to do, and when dealing with social media, it’s like breaking up all over again.  Luckily for Facebook users, there’s an app,  KillSwitch, which completely rids any signs of that pesky ex.  The only set back is you still have to be friends with them for it to work.  In cases of other social media accounts, the best way to handle the breakup is to make a clean break.  Clear out everything and anything that reminds you of them, you’ll thank yourself for that later.  Yes it may be embarrassing for people to see online that you just went through a breakup, but we’ve all gone through it, we know and understand the drill.