Expectations vs. Reality

Are you a whore for the likes? Well, we are.

Where would we be if we didn’t #DoItForTheGram?

The “We ❤ NYC” Shot


What we’re trying to portray: Just roaming the streets during our lunch break! We love spending our free time on the calm NYC streets and avenues wandering around the fabulous city surrounded by beautiful tall buildings. Working in the city is so great. No need for subways or taxis; we’ll walk everywhere! #EmpireStateofMind

What’s really going on: Holy sh*t! These angry cab drivers seriously need to watch out. And yes, we chose to stop walking across the four-lane street so we could get this artsy AF Instagram shot, but so worth it because it will get so many likes. Do we care that everyone was yelling at us to get out of the way? No. It only took our entire lunch break to get the perfect angle—not too bad!


The “Did We or Didn’t We Eat That” Shot?


What we’re trying to portray: Look at how cool our dessert looks OMG. We’re so trendy by posting this on Insta and who cares if it’s swimsuit season. #NoRegrets

What’s actually going on: Let’s be clear here: the cotton candy colors make the picture great but none of us actually ate it. You know we’re a social media company; we’re all about aesthetics. It took an hour for us to order because the restaurant was so crowded but still worth it. We found a clean black wall to take the pic and used our ring light to make this picture on point, which it totally is.


The “Too Cool” for a Selfie, Selfie


What we’re trying to portray: Living the dream, looking amazing, and hanging out on the beach for sunset. Check out how good her collarbones look! Oh and the hair? All natural and flawless!! Thank you beach breeze!

What’s actually going on: The sun was setting, and the lighting was amazing. But, what you don’t see is how trashy this beach is. Someone should really clean up all of the seaweed and empty beer bottles. Best part of this photo is that you can’t see her wet hair/no makeup look. Appearance is everything and we captured as much as we could. You really thought we cut off her face to be artsy? Ha.


The Productivity Shot


What we’re trying to portray: The sunrise is so calming. We love starting our day with a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte w/ 2 Splenda and fresh fruit. There’s nothing better than getting a head start on e-mails at the crack of dawn right before yoga. Namaste!

What’s actually going on: Ooh I hope someone brought donuts today….


The Sand-y/Summer-y Shot


What we’re trying to portray: #BeachDay #BeachCasual! No complaints from the beach! Such a relaxing day laying out with a piña colada.

What’s actually going on: You don’t understand how hard it was to pose like this. Try to replicate it—we dare you. We saw this on Pinterest and tried to copy it, but it took forever. Nobody suns in a superman position as they drink a piña colada. Who even wears this much jewelry to a beach? Nobody. The messed up tan lines are worth this shot!


The Clean Eating Shot


What we’re trying to portray: Healthy food and the gym are two of our fave things! These greens taste amazing and can energize us for a long day at work. Plating is essential, and if this industry doesn’t work out we could always become a catering company. Follow us for delicious looking food! We’ll post the recipes in our bio.


What’s actually going on: Come on, this was absolute shit. Who could honestly get full off of this? We’d be hungry within 10 minutes. And, who has the time to cut their vegetables that perfectly? Time for takeout.


We all are guilty of posing, editing, or enhancing our pictures. We aren’t judging you! It takes some serious skill to make your real life look flawless and awesome. Just remember: try to not get caught!



Picture Perfect with These 9 Apps!

Ready, aim, focus, and snap! You’ve captured a picture perfect moment but something’s off—maybe the lighting or perhaps a blemish that needs to be removed. Thankfully, apps exist to save the day and of course, edit all of our photos and videos.

From the most basic editing to the advanced settings and tools, we’ve got the low down on the best apps to use for editing photos and videos.


VSCO: An app for trendy photographers, great Insta pics and more!

VSCO is in all-in one camera, editing, and photo sharing app that offers high quality results. It’s suitable for beginners and advanced phone photographers depending on how much you choose to play around with the different app settings. Kylie Jenner even uses this app to post most of her photos! She loves the simple yet cute effects. What sets VSCO apart from all other apps is the available filters and the library grid. It allows you to upload all of your photos into a library grid, which is super helpful in planning out how you want to brand your Insta feed out! It gives you a visual idea of what your photos will look like when placed near each other.


Facetune: Get ready for a makeover!

A mere $4 is a small price to pay for perfection. This app is capable of the impossible: flawless skin. You can erase blemishes, hide bags under your eyes, whiten your teeth, and make subtle thinning or reshaping tweaks if necessary. But, be sure to use the app in moderation! Beware of warping from over correcting because it may tip people off about where you edited! Overall, the app makes touch ups simple so anyone can reap its benefits! Perfect365 is a free similar app to Facetune, but we think perfection is worth the $4 price tag.


Camera +: “The Camera+ app is like a high-quality SLR lens”-TIME Magazine

What made this app so great has to be the Clarity filter. It can fix anything from poor exposure to camera shake. The layout and accessibility is what sets Camera+ apart as one of the best photo editing apps available. You’ll really notice the quality difference between normal pictures and edited Camera+ pics—definitely worth the download.


Photoshop Express: When it comes to photo editing software, Adobe always wins!

Fulfills all of the functions you need for picture editing and it’s free! The mobile version of the desktop software offers a smaller workspace than most apps, but it’s still one of the most capable after-effects programs out there. Popular Photoshop features such as layers, selection tools, and adjustments are all available.


Birthday collages, anyone?

We love using this app over Pic Stitch because you can use way more pictures and aren’t restricted to certain layouts or borders around your collage. Photo Grid allows you to combine photos, texts, and stickers. All of the collages can be exported to any app on your phone including the Camera Roll.


Vid Lab: Wow your friends and families with homemade videos that look far from homemade!

Create professional results through the app’s user-friendly tools. Add overlays, sound effects, music, video effects, text, and voice-overs! The app makes creativity as easy as possible producing incredible results. No prior experience necessary!


Boomerang: The GIF creator for Insta

The app made for Insta videos creates a one-second burst of photos that play forwards and then reverses over and over in a loop. Great for blowing your followers a kiss or clinking some wine glasses together with your friends for a ‘cheers’!


iMovie: A few taps, a few swipes, and you’re ready for your big movie premiere!

iMovie makes simple video editing easy. It’s great for beginners, just tap, drag, and pinch your way around the video clips. Shoot video from within the app or access your photo/video gallery afterwards. You’re able to start shooting from scratch or use one of their preexisting creative templates. You can edit at resolutions up to 4K on iPhone 6s and iPad Pro if that is the high quality you’re looking for! A notable advantage of the app is the accessibility of iMovie on phones and your Mac computer. Video editors can utilize more advanced tools on the computer to get the video ready for its primetime debut!


Splice: Powerful edits made simple.

GoPro recently acquired this leading mobile video-editing app to deliver ultra convenient and powerful editing solutions to GoPro and smartphone users. Splice brings desktop editing software power to your mobile or tablet device without making it too complicated for users! You can pick transitions, trim video clips, add filters, show film in slo-mo, and add photos! Your video will sound great as well since Splice offers a large variety of free soundtracks, or you can pick a song from your iTunes library. Splice is free on the app store!


With followers constantly assessing our online posts, we strive to produce the greatest pictures and videos. We want to have the best lighting and greatest filters, but it’s important to still maintain the sense of realness.

Our advice: enhance wisely! Make it difficult to discern between what is real and what is fake.

Gone but still growing.

As fans continue to follow and support the social media accounts of their greatest icons, social media managers will be on the other side of the computer. Not to take the authenticity away, but to preserve it.

Celebrities Facebook walls, Instagram comments, and tweets become filled with thoughts and memories after their passing. Recent social media posts are remembered as some of their last personal thoughts. However, the truth is their brand will continue to live on without them and their social media will continue to be an outlet for their brand to grow.

Celebrities like Joan Rivers, Donna Summer, & Michael Jackson have only seen increases in their digital real estate post death. This goes to show the bond between celebrities and their fans is an everlasting one.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 5.06.34 AM

Celebrities are known for their public personas, so it’s understandable that their deaths evoke displays of public mourning and a need to cling on to what they have left behind, specifically their social media & their brand.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.22.58 PM

When celebrities pass away, they often attract more media attention than while alive. Their death appears to strongly elevate the celebrity’s status and increase the value of their products and digital real estate.

Forbes estimates Michael Jackson who passed away in 2009 earned $160 million in 2014 alone. Elvis Presley who passed in 1977 had a net worth of 14 million when he died and he now earns about $50 million every year. Not to mention the fact that Elvis was not present in a social media age, he has still acquired 12 million fans on Facebook for a social media manager to be able to continue to promote his brand.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.25.39 PM

When a shocking death happens in the midst of a new movie release such as: Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb (Robin Williams), Batman (Heath Ledger), Fast and the Furious (Paul Walker), and The Hunger Games (Philip Seymour) there becomes a large need from the fans to see their last movie.

Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb has already earned Robin Williams $17 million in its debut weekend. The NATM movies have always done well, but the un-timely death of this comedian & actor has sent an overwhelming boost of movies sales to see his last movie.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.34.51 PM

To the fans the relationship with their favorite celebrities is as real and intimate as any relationship can be. For them social media is a connection to the life that once was their favorite celebrity. Fans choose to hinge on any post or comment made by that account, as it’s their way of holding on to their memory and continuing to be involved with that celebrity’s brand.

The continuing following by the fans leads the accounts social media manager who  knows the in’s and outs of their past clients, they know their likes and dislikes because they are now continuing on their clients voice on social media and promoting their brand.

Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Robin Williams can & will continue to shape the values, attitudes, and personalities of fans even after their death.