How to add a contact button on Instagram

Listen up business Instagram users! We’ve got the scoop on an incredibly useful new Instagram tool. But, in order to add this feature you have to have a business page. Allow people to contact you with the click of one button. And here’s how:FullSizeRender-1

1. Go into settings, click on switch to business profile. The image below will pop up for you to connect an Instagram account to Facebook.IMG_0072

2. The app will take you into Facebook, click on the ‘Page’ you want to connect. For us, we connected Crush Brands Facebook page and Instagram account. Next, you’ll want to enter in the information you want available on your Insta page. You can add a contact e-mail, phone number, and the location of your business. Click ‘done’ and you’ll be back on your updated business Instagram profile.



As you can now see, there’s a contact button, which is super convenient for followers!

3. In case you didn’t know, here’s how you can check out your insights on Instagram. See how many impressions you have, what gender predominantly looks at your page, the average age range, location of your likers and more!

4. Now right from the Instagram app, you can get directions, call or e-mail us instead of following a link to our website.