The Front Page of the Internet

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 9.16.00 AM Every day news and content is published across the world, over the Internet, social media, news outlets, and yes, even hard copy newspapers (if anybody still reads those.) We are here to fill you in on the unsung hero of news and another way to put your business out there, Reddit.

Reddit is considered a message board where members across the WORLD submit content (with no character maximum.) Reddit is similar to the old school chat rooms, as there is so much opportunity, to leave comments, learn, and communicate with those who have submitted content.When you first find yourself on the “Front Page” of the Reddit website, it can come across as overwhelming and frankly look like a hot mess of links and text.  Reddit is not for the lazy of newsreaders because Reddit does take some navigating and weeding out of the crappy stuff. However, the credible news that is published is by civilian journalists on the ground reporting, right from the heart of the action. As we all know the best news comes from the horses mouth.

Reddit vocab:

  • Front Page- the home page of the reddit website
  • Upvote- content you find valuable, that you choose to press the upward facing arrow, which symbolizes you liked the content, and believe it has value
  • Downvote- content you find useless and don’t think should be on the front page because it has no value as content published.
  • Subreddits- the most popular topics on reddit, that are displayed on the front page, with links to their specific channel via reddit.

                        Examples: Funny, Pics, News, World News, and etc.

  • Multireddits- customizable groupings of subreddits, through which you can navigate the communities of your choosing, without being overloaded by the hefty amount of content on the front page.

                         Examples: Soccer, Art, Horses, Hunting, Bikes, Photography, and etc.

  • Karma: upvotes minus downvotes
  • Circlejerk –( No this isn’t a joke) A group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals that validates mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment. Since Redditors share a very similar demographic, it happens a lot (there’s even a subreddit for it)
  • Orangered – a comment reply or message, indicated by the orange/red envelope at the top right of your browser

Reddit doesn’t moderate the forum and decide what news is important; the members do, which makes reddit stand apart from other news or social media publications. Reddit is a true democracy, because the members have the opportunity to bring the news straight to the reddit forum, and gives other members from across the world the chance to decide what makes the front page.

The Content

As you scroll through the content you have the choice to  “upvote” and “downvote. The process of upvotes and downvotess helps to determine a posts position on the site. Content that hits the front page by being upvoted is seen by thousands of people every hour, which leads people viewing the front page to click the link published. In turn, creating major traffic to the link, whether it be a news story, blog, or a website of a business. Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 9.56.37 AM



The world is a busy place…and every person wants to be filled in on different news. The great thing about Reddit is you can choose which sections of the site pop up into your feed on you customizable “Front Page.” When you access the home page focuses on the most popular “subreddits.”

FUN FACT: any topic can be a channel by using: desired topic)   Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 9.47.09 AMIf you want to just cut right to the chase, you can navigate yourself to “MultiReddits.” Multireddits appear as an expandable sidebar and are easily created by clicking the “create” button. From there you can enter the subreddits that will then be easily accessible for frequent visits. Those subreddits could be anything from horses, dirt bikes, soccer, art, and any other topic you find interesting. Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 9.51.37 AM To submit your own content is then simple: You choose your target, whether it be humor (Reddit members LOVE anything funny), news, or asking a question. Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 10.47.00 AM We also know most of us are chained to our Smart Phones….don’t worry no judgments from us, #TechNerds….but reddit is awesome because the website is completely compatible with your phone and safari. While there is also an app called Aliens that can get you set up on reddit and will allow you to cruise the content! Now that you have learned the navigation of Reddit, you have to decide which way to use Reddit, is best to accomplish your goals via the Internet and social interaction via Reddit.

Redditing for your own personal agenda:

o Use reddit to ask a question you may have, whether it is for your personal use or for a blog.   Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 10.35.39 AM o Publish the link to your personal blog to create a following via reddit. Be sure to have a catchy title to publish with….people like catchy and that will get you more upvotes! o   If you are using reddit for your personal use, it is important to get involved in the content…leave comments…get up in there!

Using Reddit for your businesses benefit:

  • Reddit members do not play friendly with businesses that come on Reddit to market their products. The best strategy here is to get involved with topics that relate to your business. For Example if you are an Art Gallery, the best strategy would be to get involved in forums talking about art. People want to relate to the other commenter’s and once a relationship is formed, they will be more inclined to read your published content and move to your website.

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 10.54.37 AM

  • Reddit is not a place to market; to get upvoted people have to want to relate to you, your information must be un-passable, and you have to relate to people in comments.
  • Your audience as a business is different, and you have to place your business strategically on the right “subreddits.” Once you can create a group interested in what you have to show them, you will be successful at pulling members into your businesses website.It’s really all about making authentic relationships.

The bottom line, Reddit is a perfect specimen of a true democracy where each individual is given the same voice. Once you dive in and begin reading the content, you will see Reddit is where the hottest news spanning all genres is coming from. Redditors are down on the ground, across the world reporting, with no ulterior motives but to get their information out there. Whether sitting in a shack in Africa or a front office with a view, REDDIT is the hottest source of news. 99dd8b8e0897e2f197bd7c9359ec74f5


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