Joe Harberg: On a quest for the World’s Greatest Chocolate

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From the shores of southern California, to across the pond in London, Joe Harberg is the man for the best of the best chocolate finds.

With over 205,000 Facebook fans and a social media reach of over a million, Joe is the number one chocolate guruEat More Chocolate Joe Harberg has proven that his sign of approval could really help make it for a new or small chocolate business. He is THE chocolate expert on a “quest to find the world’s greatest chocolate.” In almost a heroic way, Joe brings life and publicity to the small yet delicious hole in the wall shops and lets you in on what your taste buds have been begging for without ever knowing a specific chocolate combination existed.

Joes got us covered….

Best city for chocolate: It’s a tie between NYC and San Francisco.


Best country for chocolate: Never been to a country I can’t find something great but Belgium has a shop on every corner and sometimes 2 or 3.

Favorite Chocolate Holiday: Everyday is a chocolate holiday 😉

Best part of the chocolate industry: I love this industry for the sampling and reviewing of chocolate because everyone smiles when mentioning or eating chocolate. Chocolate is so varied; ice cream, cake, cookies, truffles, bars, cupcakes, pastries, brownies, desserts….get the point?

Where’s a hidden spot with amazing chocolate: Every town has a small chocolatier or bakery that has amazing chocolate. There’s so many places I have found amazing chocolate on my journey and some places where I would never think to look: Hico, Texas (middle of nowhere) at Wiseman House Chocolates , Cummings, Georgia’s The Chocolaterie where the chocolatier is a Carnagie Mellon Engineer, and Cake Balls in Temple, Texas at Sweet Tr-eatery that were unbelievable and unexpected.


What are some of your memorable chocolate surprises: Newport, Rhode Island has Cupcake Charlie’s where I had my first chocolate “cake cup” (LOVE THOSE), Venice Beach, CA introduced me to multi chocolate flavored Bread Puddings at Schulzies, San Francisco’s Smittens Ice Cream, made to order using liquid nitrogen, and chocolate rice pudding at Rice to Riches in Soho, NY come to mind immediately.


What would you pick up at a gas station for your chocolate fix? Nestle Crunch Bar, M&Ms, or a plain Hershey’s bar.


What would be your ideal birthday cake? Just Desserts Original Chocolate with Chocolate Cake and PF Changs Great Wall of Chocolate.


Donut, Cake, Cookie, or Ice Cream? I refuse to answer…. hahah ….I am an equal opportunity eater; which means I take up all opportunities to eat chocolate.



Craziest chocolate concoction you have ever tried that surprised you? I remember the 1st time I had chocolate that wasn’t in a bar or dessert. It was at Panache in Kansas City, where they mixed milk chocolate and corn flakes. It was 30+ years ago and I remember thinking WOW, this is really unique the way they put it together. However, nowadays, there are some incredibly talented chocolatier’s: At Dude, Sweet Chocolate in Dallas, chocolatier Katherine Clapner truly puts together strong combos of different things, like a heart she made last valentines day! AMAZING!


Chocolate for breakfast, where should we go? One of two places: chocolate waffle with banana compote at Payard in Las Vegas or anything chocolate off the breakfast menu at the Le Parker Meridian Hotel in NYC.


Favorite chocolate event? Chocolate Week in London: made up of the International Chocolate Awards (Where I have judged since they started the awards in 2012), Chocolate Restaurant week (with great desserts), and The London Chocolate Show “Salon Du Chocolat”!

Ever ate so much chocolate it made you stop eating it for a while? NEVER


Favorite chocolate topping you can’t live without? Hot Fudge


Best mix of M&M’s you have ever had? Gwyn’s High Alpine M&M’s Chocolate Chip Brownie….SERIOUSLY GOOD


Your first business deal with chocolate: When I was 10 yrs old, I rode my bike down to the local convince store and found out they were doubling the price of a Nestle Crunch bar. So I went home and got all the money out of my piggy bank and went back and bought all their inventory of Nestle Crunch bars at the lower price. It ended up being a 6 month supply.

My first real job at 15 was stocking chocolates and making boxes at the Teuscher franchise in the Houston Galleria.

As of today your favorite chocolate drink? Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago, Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity in NYC, and Chocolate Double Dark Milkshake from Godiva

Best Mix of Oreos you have ever had? Chocolate oreo bark from Chocolate Pizazz in Houston. So simple/so good!


Do you prefer a hollow or solid Easter bunny? Solid for sure….get to eat more chocolate!


It’s Valentines Day…where do you get your wife chocolate? My sample refrigerator…hahaha




So if you haven’t figured it out yet, you are absolutely insane if you sell chocolate and you haven’t sent a sample to EMC.

Eat More Chocolate’s chief chocolateater Joe Harberg is THE acclaimed chocolatier of all chocolate (for good reason…HELLO) and his stamp of approval could make the world of a difference to your business.

We love his FB page (which we can never look at without our mouth watering) and any fellow chocolate lover could only be so lucky to have a part in his journey.

The future is looking rich and full of chocolate for EMC!


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