Under the helmet: Cade Clason


From his nickname of Wild Bill, to what got him in trouble as a kid. Crush Brands is taking a look under the helmet and finding out more about Professional Motocross & Supercross rider Cade Clason.

Cade is a small town kid from Ohio who turned professional in the fall of 2013 after an amazing Amateur career.  Currently he lives in a camper (way more badass than it sounds) with his mechanic Dougie in South Carolina at ClubMx Training Facility. Traveling from ClubMx to races almost every weekend he says he is “Living the Dream.”


Alright we will start off with an easy one…what’s your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream?

   Half Baked…hands down

Can you explain the difference between Motocross and Supercross to me?

   Motocross is outdoors, usually in the middle of nowhere in grass fields, and the races are much longer. Supercross is in a stadium, usually football or baseball. The track is really tight and there are lots of jumps.

Between the two, would you choose Supercross or Motocross?


If we were to come to your home…or camper in your case…and looked in your fridge what would we find?

      Chocolate milk and ice cream….everyday

 If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

      Dos Equis guy from the commercial….”coolest guy on the face of the earth.”

Favorite pump up song before a race?

      Ohhh…One song I can listen to all the time that just gets you motivated…..“Million Lives” by Jake Miller.

We’ve heard through the grapevine (thanks Marshal Weltin) that your nickname is Wild Bill. What’s the story behind that?

      Oh my gosh how did you guys even find out about that?? I literally have 3 friends that call me that. We went to visit a friend in the hospital and when you get there they take your ID and call your name to give it back to you…well they called me as William and nobody stepped up for a second until I did…and nobody knew that my real name was William so then they kind of put the whole crashing a lot thing in Supercross with wild…then they just kind of shortened it up to bill, so that’s really where that came from.

 When you race you’re riding 30+min motos (another word for race in the Moto lingo) and I’m sure many of us at home are wondering how you get in shape for such a long race day?

      Practice 30 min motos/some 40 min motos/ a lot of running and cycling/a little bit of swimming/ also do some weight training/ stuff with high intensity to get my heart rate up really makes for the best possible shape for a long race.

Got a favorite quote that really helps you keep things in perspective?

      “If you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing”

What is your stance nowadays on selfies?


I’m all about the #MuscleMondays on Instagram and what not…I’m totally kidding….if it’s not Snapchat I’m not really a big selfie guy….#Antiselfie #TBT

Your three must follows on instagram?

      @markolf827….@andy_daggett… and a 3rd one…..ahhh man I follow so many cool people….but I gotta go with @racerxonline

Is there one moment you find yourself replaying in your mind?

      Last year at Loretta Lynn’s (Biggest amateur national race of the year) the last moto… I feel like I should have gotten third when I ended up fourth…I couldn’t see because my goggles were dirty and I followed the kid in 3rd the whole race and couldn’t pass him. I just look back a lot wishing I had made the pass.


You do a lot of joking around on your Twitter feed. Are you that way at the track too?

      Yea you got to always keep a good sense of humor on ya…If I try and act all tense and serious the day is no good. I am the only guy at the starting line joking/talking and having a good time, everyone else is all serious and what not…but I try to just have fun and keep the tension loose.

What’s the greatest prank you’ve ever pulled?

      It was just my mom and I at home and my friend and I, we found a positive pregnancy test at a McDonalds parking lot and we took it to my house and sat it on my sisters bed for my mom to find…..she absolutely freaked out….funniest thing I’ve ever done…so funny.

All right give the girls a break and tell us first off are you single?

      Oh yes, I’m Single….90% of the time I’m single haha

So what some of the things you’re looking for in a girl?

      Someone who cares about you as much as they do themselves….she’s gotta be pretty…no ratchet hoes around me…. and a big must, they gotta be able to cook.

 You are in a demanding sport both mentally and physically….what is something that pushes you to keep racing and training as hard as you do?

      I want to be one of the best guys out there on a dirt bike, so I know if I want that to happen I have to work harder and harder everyday.

 As equally demanding as your sport is there must be a lot of rewards that can’t be beat? (noooo we don’t mean the girls asking you to sign their boobs)

      Nothing quite beats the feeling that you get when a little kid asks you for a picture, a pair of goggles, piece of plastic from your bike, or an autograph, and you are able to put a huge smile on their face. Just being able to be a role model and seeing a kid with a smile is awesome.

If you could tell your fans one thing what would it be?

      When I started racing I wasn’t the greatest, and I learned that you have to trust the people around you who are trying to teach you. Believe in your self. I started with not a lot and with the support of my family and sponsors I got a lot better…you just work hard and stick with it and always be willing to learn!

20140612-153815-56295173.jpgThe future is bright for this good-looking guy and we cant wait to see him hold the throttle wide wide open (check out the moto lingo) this weekend in Pennsylvania.


Check out some racing live on NBC Sports here: http://bit.ly/Uu0y31




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