To post or not to post that is the question….

It’s safe to say at Crush Brands we LOVE social media. Hashtags, selfies, you name it, we love it. Thanks to facebook, instagram, and twitter it can take about two seconds to share the pic of you and your duck face to all of your followers, or that delicious meal you just grilled, which happens to have an amazing sunset in the back, shoot another insta moment. Hey, we’ve all been there, going a little picture crazy and we’ve all been perusing our timelines saying “Ugh not another baby picture.” Its easy to get caught up in the social media moment, however we have a few ways you can keep your followers happy and keep you savvy when deciding on pictures to upload and which to keep on your camera roll.


o   Posting a ton of pictures in one day will only annoy your followers and clog their feeds; this is the #1 way to get unfollowed. No matter who you are, four pictures a day is the ultimate. 

o   If you went to a great party or event one or two pictures…or hell whip up a collage if you can’t decide on your favorites.

ImageImageClassic family pic #Boring…..playing in the ocean however…looks like a blast and it’s not something you see everyday! POST!

o   A #selfie everyday isn’t good for you or your followers…and its just annoying. 

 o Don’t take the above the wrong way we all have those days where were like “damn I look good”….upload that picture and own it, but save us the ohhh #NoMakeup #IDontCare caption…you know you look good and so do we.

o   One baby/dog/cat photo every few days is tolerable, remember self-control instagrammers.


This collage is a Grade A example of too much….yes your dog is adorable…but with this collage your too overwhelmed to even take in the cuteness!

o   Sunsets….we see them everyday…nobody cares that yours was extra pretty tonight.

o   When it comes to pictures of your food…if your at your local TGI Fridays save those for snapchat…if your in France eating escargot we can handle a picture.

o   Met your favorite celeb….post that and let everyone be jealous, plus if your lucky you might get a response from them!

o   Is the screenshot your about to upload an inside joke or something all of your followers can relate to….if its on our timeline we want to laugh too.


o   If you are making a peace sign or duckface in a fun picture….awesome post it…..if you are being serious about it….ABORT

o   No need to #MCM or #WCW every week…every now and then we love to see you and your significant love all over our timeline…but if its every week we are lead to the thinking “OMG your girlfriend is your #WCW….didn’t see that one coming” 😉

o   Found an adorable baby picture of yourself…totally expectable on Thursdays….#TBT…DUH

o  Last but not least….when posting a picture you have to think if its 1 am and your five tequila shots deep…might not be the best time to post anything.


Now guys all that said don’t be “that guy” or “that girl” clogging up our feeds…..keep it classy and back away from your smart phone people. Always keep your followers guessing what you’re going to post next 😉



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