The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Content, Crush Brands Style


In Social media there are many expectations and understood rules, how can we set them all straight and maximize what we’re doing?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some guidelines so you could skip the common mistakes made on the daily?  The dos and don’ts of social media, once you know them, they are easy to navigate, but it usually takes personal experience or seeing the mistakes of others to fully understand what is acceptable and what’s not.  At Crush Brands, we want to help you avoid that step, giving you some sacred advice and our own set of rules.  Who knows, they might come in handy. =)

1.  Is your rap sheet clean?

Whatever you post will follow you and it sets the tone for how people see you and interact with you on your social media platforms.  DO keep a positive attitude and clean vocabulary.  Negativity only loses followers, it comes off as whiney.  Plus, who wants to listen to that?  DO downplay your personal views about politics, religion, and so on.  Unless it’s your industry, DON’T get heavy handed in personal topics.  Discussing your personal opinions to the extreme overwhelms your audience, limiting the outreach and impact you’re trying to achieve with your material.  It’s okay to share your opinion, but don’t go overboard.


2.  System overload!

Sharing is not always caring.  DON’T over share.  You can have great social media relationships without telling people all about your life.  DON’T talk only about yourself.  The me show has only one fan and it’s you, so DON’T lose followers because of limited and conceited content.  DON’T clog the feed with unnecessary or private conversations.  It falls under the over sharing category.  Save the private conversations for messages.  No one wants to get notifications about where you and so-and-so are meeting up if it doesn’t involve them.  DON’T post a million times a day.  You’re not in a raid, no need to bombard people.  Posting has its limits in a day.  1-3 original posts a day per social platform and unlimited feedback is a good rule of thumb.  Blowing up people’s feeds is the fastest way to lose friends or followers, no matter how awesome the content.  DON’T play the role of the social media needy girlfriend.  Asking your friends and followers to constantly repost your stuff or join your groups gets tiresome.  Every once in a while it’s okay to recruit your friends, but make sure it’s something of importance that your friends would find interesting or worth their time joining.  Along that note, DON’T tag your friends in unnecessary ways.  Unless your content has something to do with them personally, leave their name out of it.  Tagging them in random stuff is just as bad as asking them to repost or join your group.


3.  Trolling Dirty

Nobody likes a troll.  The only joy they bring is when you’ve banned them.  DON’T fall into the tricks of a troll.  Their number one satisfaction is getting under your skin, don’t give them the pleasure.  Ban them and move on, ignore their bait.  On the other side of things, DON’T be a troll yourself.  Social media is not the cyber version of Jerry Springer.   DON’T call people out on social media.  You look immature and dramatic, and it’s a sure way to lose your followers or friends.  DON’T be a salesmen troll either.  Do you like door-to-door salesmen?  Then why be one online?  Trying to push your products onto people through social media is just as obnoxious as regular spam.  It’s okay to use social media to market your products, but don’t harass your friends.


4.Where’s your compass pointing?

Having a sense of direction with your media is very important to all your social platforms.  DO have one major and constant purpose to your social media accounts.  It’s good to discuss different fields, but keep the emphasis on your industry. Having a focused direction enables you to have a consistent and strong following.


5.  How’s your balance?

Its all about give and take.  Make sure you’re sharing content worth viewing.  DO provide content that is fresh and exciting for your viewers to read.  DO use multimedia.  A page that lacks multimedia is like a monotone lecture, boring with no listeners.  Make sure your social media platforms provide content that hits across the board with multimedia.  Imagery and sounds can really nail a point and keep viewers interested.  Also, remember that interaction causes reaction.  DO comment or respond to comments.  It demonstrates your involvement and knowledge in your field, which gets followers and friends interested in what you know.  It also supports the true viral nature of social media in turning strangers into friends and friends into clients.




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