Crush Brands 5 Fav Free Pic Apps

Crush Brands 5 Fav Free Pic Apps

Lets face it; people are on their cell phones all the time. Instead of using a digital camera, people take digital photographs on their cell phones at their convenience. Because cell phones have made light years of headway with improvements such as higher megapixels, better lenses, and high capacity storage, some believe that cell phones have more to offer than your basic digital camera.  Unfortunately, many of the pictures being taken with cell phones are poor in quality.

There are many programs people use on their computers to edit their photographs such as Adobe Photoshop & Appature, but these computer programs become extremely costly and are not conveniently always at our disposal to use.   If you want to make someone (or yourself) look like they have less wrinkles, look tanner, remove objects, and create better lighting, there are so many apps to choose from.  Crush Brands is here to expose you to a whole new world of photo editing right at your fingertips with these 5 Free Pic Editing Apps.

 1.   moreBeaute 2

moreBeaute 2 is a free photo editing app that allows you to make yourself look more natural and gorgeous in your photographs by brightening, lightening, and smoothing your skin tone in just a few easy steps!  You can either take a photo or select a photo from your Camera Roll and then play around with the settings to make your photo look fabulously airbrushed! You don’t need to be a make up pro or a photoshop guru to have amazing pictures.


2.   Retouch

Retouch is a free photo retouching application. Retouch allows you to do professional retouching in just one click!  Little effort is needed to remove people, objects, or defects from your photos. What’s missing from the 2nd picture? 😉


3.   Montage Lite

This is an app that goes beyond just cropping, and it only costs NOTHING! Montage Lite is an app that turns your phone into a digital scrapbook! With Montage Lite, you can add text, rotate, add borders, and resize images into a work of art. This app has grown in popularity with people who use Instagram since it allows you to size and reframe an image to completely fit in the effects tab without it becoming distorted.


4.   ModiFace Tan  

ModiFace Tan is the easiest app to faux your glow! Not only is the app free, but you can also pick the level of tan you wish to use on your photo. With many variations to choose from, you can look like you have a little glow or a third degree burn!


5.   Camera +

Camera + allows you to be a professional photographer with several features that heighten the quality of your work.  For absolutely no money, it is worth the fraction of a gigabit increase­­ on your phone to have features like a Photo Flashlight, Digital Zoom, Touch Exposure, and a Digital Grid.



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